We are excited to share with you our honest and thorough reviews of Ton Kooiman Thumb Rests. As a leading provider of thumb rests for musicians, we are dedicated to enhancing the playing experience of those who use their products. We have tested and examined their thumb rests to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a new one. We hope our reviews will assist you in finding the perfect thumb rest for your instrument, and improve your playing experience.

Debbie Reynolds

The Ton Kooiman Prima Thumb Rest is definitely an excellent solution for training students to play with the right thumb in the correct position on the flute. I think it is the best on the market for dealing with this issue, mainly because the semi-permanent position of the mounting plate ensures that students always practise at home with the thumb in the correct position. Since the Prima also adds stability it also reduces tension, either in the right hand or against the chin or even in the left hand.

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Marko Kmet

Hello Ton! I just thought it would be nice to drop you a line to tell you that we have received and started using the thumb rests you had sent. It really has proved to be an outstanding device! My son’s teacher is very much impressed and she said that his right hand position had started to improve almost immediately. He is also satisfied and can practice for a longer period of time and the tones from H1 to G2 no longer pose a problem. Thank you again for you cooperation and all the best in the future!

Marko Kmet Medical Specialist (Slovenia)

Alessandro Carbonare

Dear Ton, I am still using your device and now is impossible for me to play without !!!! A lot of my students in Italy and France now use it !!

Murray Middleman

I started to enjoy the freedom in my right hand, and even noticed that my tone was improving, and opening up, in a lovely way. And the best thing of all was that I was able to finally concentrate on making music and improving my abilities, as my fingers in my right hand, were now able to float, over the keys Now I am able to extend my practice sessions playing again with a joy and exuberance. Lastly, after a few days of excellent clarinet practice with your Etude 3, my “chops” were feeling great! At my Jazz gig, I was able to perform with and incredible energy and freedom. thanks to you Ton, I will look forward many years of performing happily.

Murray Middleman Jazz Hollywood


Dear Ton, thank you so much!! I have tried the thumbrest on recorder and it’s working fine and I am so happy!! Both my clarinet thumbrest and recorder one are helping me to play without spending most of my practice time trying to stretch to reach notes and now – it’s a miracle. I think you are a genius! Thank you once more.


Greetings from the UK. It’s about twenty years since I last contacted you, to purchase two Maestro thumb rests (the first version). They’re still providing great service on my Rossi clarinets.


Hola Ton, hoy hemos recibido tu envio, yo creia que solo mandarias la goma roja, pero has mandado todo el apoyapulgar, me parece haber abusado de su gratitud y me gustaria pagarle el apoyapulgar. Mi hija se siente más comoda con el stude-pequeño, le estamos muy agradecidos.


I was so excited to get to your package today, much sooner than I had expected. The smaller Etude fit the slide I already had on my clarinet, so I tried it right away. It’s terrific! It’s comfortable and, even better, I can hear a marked improvement in my tone, something I didn’t expect. Thank you so much for this and for the others, which I am also very glad to have. And thank you, too, for including the spare rubber piece, which looks like it might fit the Etude 1 rests, too. You’re so good! Thank you for being so kind to me! I will think of you every time I play, which looks like it’s going to be for many more years.

Christine Carter

Ton Kooiman’s Maestro thumb rest saved my career as a clarinetist. I had severe pain in my right thumb during the first year of my undergraduate studies and this was the only solution that made a difference. I have been using it ever since – for almost fifteen years now. Ton Kooiman is a brilliant engineer and we are all so lucky he has devoted his career to helping musicians in this way.

Christine Carter DMA , Assistant Professor of Single Reeds, Memorial University Canada


Dear Ton, your parcel arrived today. Thank you so much for all your help and for sending the red attachment to the thumb rest. I had the Etude 3 fitted by Howarths of London on the ELODY RECORDER and it feels very good I’m able to play again with my performance exam next week, I am very grateful to have found this thumb rest and will now think about getting one for my wooden bass recorder.

Marian Medical Specialist, treatment of Musicians

Meddy de Bonth

Een aantal weken geleden ben ik samen met Léa Hemmerlin bij u geweest voor een duimsteun voor mijn klarinet. Nu wilde ik u nog even laten weten dat ik er ontzettend blij mee ben, en het spelen een stuk comfortabeler is! Ook mijn moeder is ontzettend blij met haar duimsteun. Nogmaals ontzettend bedankt!

Yasna Brandstätter

Dear Mr. Kooiman, I am new Maestro2 (clarinet model) user for oboe and cor anglais. I am very satisfied with your product and play nonstop with it.

Yasna Brandstätter Oboe and Cor Anglais Pro


Your thumb rest literally saved my career and I’m so glad to continue to use it.

Helen Paskins

Dear Ton, I think that your thumb rests are a really great solution for clarinet playing. I have very small pinky fingers in proportion to the rest of my hand so playing with your thumb rest enables me to achieve a much better technique than would otherwise be possible. I have them on all my instruments – even my Eb!

Jacqueline Liversidge

I recently purchased your thumb rest after having quite some difficulty practicing for more than an hour at a time due to the pressure I was putting on my right little finger, and I would just like to express how amazing I think it is. It has fixed everything and I only wish that I had purchased this before my undergraduate degree instead of half way through! It has completely, instantaneously released all the unnecessary tension and force I had been using in the 9 years of my playing. It has freed up my hands completely. I could not be more happy, and I will be advising every flautist at the Conservatorium of Music here in Tasmania, Australia, that I know of, to purchase this without a second thought! Thank you so much!