The Forza thumb rest for Saxophone

A better, relaxed position of the right hand thumb enhances both the relaxation and the freedom of movement of the other fingers, making technical phrases easier (faster) to play. The little finger moves more easily to the two lowest keys also.

With the hinge at the left and adjustment right, the Forza can be adjusted upwards at the right side to support the thumb ergonomically. The thumb is held higher and is either straight or slightly bent and does not “sag”.


The Forza Thumb rest for Saxophone can be adjusted in height. Most of the time closest to the protection rail of the F/sharp. And the right side of the thumb rest, the “spoon” can be adjusted upwards. Allowing a more relaxed hand position.


When you let your hand hang down alongside your body/leg, letting it be totally relaxed and placed on the instrument again, you often find the old hook getting in the way. And the thumb at a different angle also. Not pulled inwards and the tip of the thumb upwards, but the other way round. This relaxed hand/thumb position can be obtained with the Forza Thumb rest. The thumb resting in the lower part of the “spoon”. Straight or slightly bent as
your thumb usually is when doing nothing. Then you can play much easier.


In this way the situation moves towards YOU, your individual unique demands, instead of complying to a given one. Instead of “hanging in the tendons”, the musician will now carry the instrument in an “active” way!



Thanks for the prompt reply, appreciated. I love the Forza!! I have arthritis in my right thumb (I am an old dude) and the Forza is a huge help. I was at first taken aback at the price, but when I received it, it was obvious that it is of high quality and carefully produced. Worth every penny (or dollar, in this instance).

Marc Mommaas

Roberto (Roberto’s Winds NY) gave one of your thumb rests to Lee Konitz and he really likes it. He played last week in Birdland with it. He had a lot of trouble with his right thumb so he was very pleased with it.

Marc Mommaas is a great Dutch sax player based in NY city (


I have been using your products for years and just recently completed my collection so that I now own the clarinet, flute and saxophone thumb rests. Your products have made such a difference in my playing as I am recovering from tendosynovitis and don’t know how else I would be able to continue playing. I will be in Amsterdam on June 30 and was wondering if you have a storefront there that I could come visit and admire your other products. Thanks very much!


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What are the ergonomic benefits of the Forza Thumb Rest?

The Pressure point on the thumb is moved from the first phalanx to the space between the two joints of the thumb. The Lever momentum is much smaller at this new point, which makes carrying the weight far more easier than before and enables an easier reach of lower keys.

How to mount Forza Thumb Rest?

The well known removable hook can be taken off and with the original screw, the Forza Thumb Rest can be screwed onto the body (on the base plate) of this horn with this original screw also. Distance from the centre of the mounting screw and the F-sharp rail, requires 36 mm to be able to mount the Forza Thumb Rest.

How to adjust the Forza Thumb Rest?
Adjustment is possible with the screw on top. Then the right side can be lifted upwards more. This prevents the thumb to “sag” and allows for a more natural posture. This proved in these last years, with many professional players, to be a great relief and way of more comfort in playing.
Forza and why not a Maestro2 on a saxophone?

At the time when we designed a thumb rest for saxophones, this was of course the first thing that would enter the mind. But the padded adjustable part of the maestro is not needed because you carry the instrument with a neck strap. (Carrying otherwise would be destructive for your thumb) and it would restrict movement towards the side keys as well. Furthermore the casing of the maestro makes the body to wide and fixing it to the instrument quite impossible. The Forza solves all these issues. And note well, to hold the thumb slightly bent downwards instead of upwards under a hook with a relaxed hand, joint neutral.

On which saxophones brands can the Forza Thumb Rest be applied?
Our saxophone thumb rest can be fixed on all saxophones that have a set up like the Selmer saxes.

  • Selmer (Paris and USA)
  • Buffet Crampon. (not the old S1-Prestige)
  • Jupiter
  • Yamaha
  • Guardala
  • B&S
  • Yanagisawa (sometimes the rail of the side-F-sharp is hit. It takes a repairman to mount in this case)
  • Toneking
  • Keilwerth
  • Many student and prof. instruments from Korean and Taiwan makers.
  • Cannonball

The Forza can be used on the Baritone as well, but only advisable when the musician has large hands (to prevent overstretching).

Forza why Stainless steel not Gold plated?
It is a “special” made in smaller quantities so a bit expensive. And beware, it is not Gold-plated anymore, but stainless steel high polished. Even two layers of Gold wore off like some mouthpieces often do.

These stainless Forza Thumb Rests are extremely durable, but I’ll admit Gold looks much better. I will try to find Stainless steel with a gold color like the a specific mouthpiece I have once seen.


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