Ton Kooiman Design started as a woodwind instrument repair and restoration workshop for the professional orchestral musician. Later, the development of products started in the musical instrument business and the making and distribution of these products worldwide as well.



The invention was created in 1989 when Clarinetists from Conservatory and Orchestra’s suffering from thumb and wrist pains asked me in the workshop to make something to relieve their pain. A long trajectory of development and experience emerged. Working together with Medical Specialists , specializing in helping Musicians, in Hospitals (Medical Center Haaglanden and Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam) and Universities (Technical University of Delft).



After many stages of development and patenting, a first production of handmade thumb rests emerged in the mid nineties. A more sophisticated (CAD-CAM) production started together with business partner Rokatec ( in 2000, and Rokatec also distributes the products to Wholesale and Dealers in NL and around the world.

” From old to new with Ton Kooiman Thumb Rests “