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A Ton Kooiman Thumb rest offers great comfort and balance for the demanding player. And facilitates even an improvement of your tone-quality.  The Ton Kooiman thumb rests are for both children and adults: large and small hands: for every type of player (amateur or professional).



The Etude is a light weight thumb rest for Clarinet and Oboe made out of durable plastics.


The most sophisticated thumb rest for Clarinet adjustable to the individual anatomy of every musicians hand.


Durable thumb Rest for Saxophone that results in a better, relaxed position of the right hand thumb.


The proffesional thumb rest for Oboe that can be adjusted to the individual anatomy of every musicians hand.


The Prima Thumb Rest for Flute prevents the instrument from rolling and reduces pressure against your lips.


First made especially and uniquely thumb rest for the German Oehler Clarinet market.

" Your products have made such a difference in my playing as I am recovering from tendosynovitis "

" It gave much more flexibility in my fingers, took the strain away from my thumb and wrist "