We are excited to share with you our honest and thorough reviews of Ton Kooiman Thumb Rests. As a leading provider of thumb rests for musicians, we are dedicated to enhancing the playing experience of those who use their products. We have tested and examined their thumb rests to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a new one. We hope our reviews will assist you in finding the perfect thumb rest for your instrument, and improve your playing experience.

Stephen Caplan

I have used Kooiman thumb rests for several years now, and have been very pleased. Congratulations on your work

Stephen Caplan Professor of Oboe at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and serves as Principal Oboist of the Las Vegas Philharmonic. He is a certified Andover Educator after extensive private study with Barbara Conable, creator of Body Mapping.


I have used a Kooiman thumb rest that I got for $30 from Forrests for several years now, and I can recommend it highly. What a relief over the original. I even tried a “Dutch Thumb Rest” that was a complete waste of money because it was hardly any better. With the Kooiman, I can play for hours without my thumb bothering me a bit., For $30 you can’t go wrong. And it even fits into the same screw holes as the original!


I tried a neck strap, I tried a floor peg, I tried just resting my english horn on my crossed legs, but no matter what I did I had pain in my thumb joint, wrist , and sometimes my whole right arm. Then I tried the Kooiman adjustable thumb rest-magic! I am now, finally, able to play with no pain whatsoever. As someone on the list said, a pretty good deal for thirty bucks!


No, the middle joint won’t fit in the case with the thumbrest on, but it slides off the plate (that screws to the oboe) easily. I just bought a plastic soap holder to hold the detachable part of the thumbrest so it won’t get crushed in the outside pocket of my case cover. Works great. I LOVE this thumbrest! Feels awkward at first but once you get used to it, it’s awesome!


I just installed a Kooiman thumb rest on my oboe and, so far, it looks like a real improvement for me. The thumb rest dissassembles and the oboe middle jointfits Ok in a normal case. You will have to keep the thumb support part with your reed case and other stuff since it does not fit in an average oboe case.


I have tried things over the years, but I think this is the best thing I’ve tried yet. Several years ago, I put a Kooiman thumb rest on my English horn. It’s really wonderful. I finally put one on my oboe, and must say that it’s the best thing I’ve tried.


Thanks for the prompt reply, appreciated. I love the Forza!! I have arthritis in my right thumb (I am an old dude) and the Forza is a huge help. I was at first taken aback at the price, but when I received it, it was obvious that it is of high quality and carefully produced. Worth every penny (or dollar, in this instance).

Marc Mommaas

Roberto (Roberto’s Winds NY) gave one of your thumb rests to Lee Konitz and he really likes it. He played last week in Birdland with it. He had a lot of trouble with his right thumb so he was very pleased with it.

Marc Mommaas is a great Dutch sax player based in NY city (mommaas.com)


I have been using your products for years and just recently completed my collection so that I now own the clarinet, flute and saxophone thumb rests. Your products have made such a difference in my playing as I am recovering from tendosynovitis and don’t know how else I would be able to continue playing. I will be in Amsterdam on June 30 and was wondering if you have a storefront there that I could come visit and admire your other products. Thanks very much!

Juan Miguel Ortega

Hola. Es para mi un honor saludarle. Desde hace más de un año estoy utilizando su apoya-pulgar “maestro” y,gracias a éste he conseguido un nivel de relajación en las manos que no pensé nunca que podría llegar a experimentar. Ahora estoy tocando con un grado de comodidad realmente alto; pasajes musicales que antes me suponían un esfuerzo, ahora no me producen ninguna tensión; pero no solamente en las manos, sino en el cuello. Ahora tocar es todavía másplacentero que antes. Le estaré eternamente agradecido por preocuparse de los problemas de los músicos y poner estos remedios a nuestra disposición. Muchas Gracias.

Juan Miguel Ortega Profesor de clarinete del Conservatorio Superior de Música de Granada. (España)

Gene Burkert

I tried the thumb rest and got used to it fairly quickly. I really enjoy it and as a double it helps me to play easier since I need to practice a lot and try not to strain my hands.

Jason Schwager

My first saxophone was a soprano. I also play tenor and have installed Forza’s on all my ten of my horns. The great benefit to me of the Forza is that the designer, Ton Kooiman, is the only engineer who correctly identified the ergonomic problem and solved it. Namely, before the Forza, I was using the common thumb hook which tends to force the thumb to be bent abnormally backward into what I call the ‘hitchhiker’ position. This is okay for very short periods, but any serious player who wants to spend time with his horn may find as I did that when the thumb is in the hitchhiker position and repeatedly stressed isometric ally with the tensioning and release and then re-tensioning of the tendon repeatedly as your hand works the other fingers, one will likely develop tendonitis. Similar to carpal tunnel of the wrist, the tendonitis in the thumb was very painful. A neckstrap used in conjunction with a Forza totally solved the problem for me. Everyone is different and some people don’t encounter the problem. Those that do, and that includes me, will find the Forza a godsend.


I own 2 of your prima rests for flute and LOVE them!!! I have an alto flute that is begging for prima type rest. Can you help me? I have an arthritic thumb from an injury and need an adaptive aid for alto…

Christopher Bouwman

Beste meneer Kooiman,  al een jaar of 10 ben ik in het bezit van uw Kooiman steun en heb daar veel plezier van. Ik krijg door mijn contact met andere hoboïsten zeer veel vragen over de Kooiman steun en heb al een redelijk aantal weten te overtuigen om uw steun aan te schaffen.

Christopher Bouwman solo hoboïst van de opera van Valencia

Adrian Ford

I bought a Maestro about four months ago and I’m more than happy with it. I’ve been a pianist for 40 odd years and have always played clarinet but found that the strain on my thumb affected the piano, especially when playing fast “showoff” concert pieces. Thanks to you that worry is a thing of the past, I’m now learning “showoff” clarinet pieces.

Adrian Ford Sydney, Australia


I have recently bought a prima flute thumb rest and i had to tell you that I was very impressed with the item, and the way it eased my right hand completely. it gave much more flexibility in my fingers, took the strain away from my thumb and wrist, and also prevented very much the flute tipping in towards me, especially with fast scale runs.