Dear Ton, I hope this note finds you well. A few words of praise for your Etude Thumb Rest. I am a 58 year old just beginning Clarinet and have arthritis in my upper thumb joint ( the first joint right under the thumb nail ). After 15 minutes of practice that joint on my right thumb gets swollen and develops a painful and highly visual bump. I have tried pads and other thumb rests but they do not help and the only relief is to stop playing for 2-3 days until the bump has gone down. I was on my 2nd day of down time when the Etude Thumb Rest arrived. As I put down my Clarinet to write this note I have now been playing 2 days with a total of 6hrs practice time and there is no swelling or bump at all! I am now supporting the weight with my hand not just the end of my thumb what a relief. My whole hand is more relaxed and I am no longer doubtful that I can continue my Clarinet playing. The Etude is an excellent invention! I can’t wait to see what other things you have under development. Thank you very much.