Prima Thumb Rest for Flute

Properly balancing the flute has never been easy – until now!

The Prima Thumb Rest prevents the instrument from rolling towards you. It also reduces the flute’s pressure against your lips, it incites a correct position of your fingers, and helps to prevent tension in fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders. The ergonomically shaped thumb plateau prevents the thumb to slip away to the left, and the flute to roll towards player, especially while changing octaves.

The Prima thumb rest allows the right hand to be more open and relaxed, therefore the ring- and little finger move easier to the lower keys.


Flute friendly attachment by means of silicone rubber inlay and bands:

  • No scratching
  • Allows tube to vibrate freely
  • No distortion of round tube

The Prima consists of two parts. The thumb plateau that can be attached in a second on the mounting plate that stays on the flute. This means that the thumb rest can be mounted in a second and always back to the same position.


The Prima thumb rest, allowing the right hand to be more open and relaxed, appears also to be beneficial for the left hand. The lack of balance while changing octaves incites the left hand to compensate and will develop the tendency to tighten up. This is less an issue with the Prima thumb rest because of the protruding straight thumb plateau of the Prima. This plateau is also adjustable at an angle under the flute.


In this way the situation moves towards YOU, your individual unique demands, instead of complying to a given one. More of the energy needed for holding the instrument, can be used for playing comfortably.


empty first row
My silicone straps are lost.
When silicone straps are lost, please email us, we can supply new for you. We supply double sets with each thumb rest as a reserve.
Why this system with silicone straps?
We have tried to attach the thumb rest in the most “friendly” way possible. It enables a free movement and vibration of the tube. It prevents scratching the outer surface of the body.
What are the colors?
We make all the thumb rest parts in silver grey. This (technical) color has to do with the choice of the material. Pom/Delrin was the strongest and most lasting for this product.
What about my left hand?
The right hand thumb rest helps for the left hand as well because of the overall balance of the instrument is so much improved
that compensation in the left hand is not necessary.
How to prevent slip stick?
To prevent the thumb rest to slip on this slippery smooth surface, the silicone parts are to be cleansed with alcohol. This makes the silicone suck itself tightly to the body and will not slip that easy. It is a good idea to hold the part on the flute back when removing the removable thumb plateau.
The left trill key hit one of the straps.
Trill key

The left trill key may hit one of the straps and will not “open” as far as before. Sometimes not a problem but if the tuning is affected, a tiny slice of cork has to be removed from under this trill key plateau. (work for a repair person, or a handy musician in your ensemble. A narrow strip of sanding paper can do the trick as well).
The straps have slots in the middle also and when directed around the cork it works often also.

Does it fit your flute case?
Thumb plate being removed from base plate, enables flutes to be stored in most cases without taking of the entire product. But very old Boxes/cases of beginners flutes and sometimes vintage flutes, have a casing that has the exact form/contours of the flute. There will be some difficulty to put the flute back in the case. It may happen in a very small percentage.


Debbie Reynolds

The Ton Kooiman Prima Thumb Rest is definitely an excellent solution for training students to play with the right thumb in the correct position on the flute. I think it is the best on the market for dealing with this issue, mainly because the semi-permanent position of the mounting plate ensures that students always practise at home with the thumb in the correct position. Since the Prima also adds stability it also reduces tension, either in the right hand or against the chin or even in the left hand.

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I have been using your products for years and just recently completed my collection so that I now own the clarinet, flute and saxophone thumb rests. Your products have made such a difference in my playing as I am recovering from tendosynovitis and don’t know how else I would be able to continue playing. I will be in Amsterdam on June 30 and was wondering if you have a storefront there that I could come visit and admire your other products. Thanks very much!


I own 2 of your prima rests for flute and LOVE them!!! I have an alto flute that is begging for prima type rest. Can you help me? I have an arthritic thumb from an injury and need an adaptive aid for alto…


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