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The Etude Thumb Rest is a light weight thumb rest for clarinet and Oboe made out of durable plastics. The Etude enhances the freedom of playing. Allows for faster and easier movement of the ring- and little finger and it prevents fatigue of the thumb and hand. (+ arm and shoulder). It gives you a sense of control and a firm “grip” on your instrument.

The Etude Thumb Rest allows the instrument to rest on the space between the two joints on the thumb. The lever momentum is much smaller at this point so the thumb can support the weight much more easily. Much of the energy used for supporting the weight then becomes available for handling the instrument. And can be used to improve control and speed up playing technique.

New features

Metal hook

The Etude Thumb Rest has a new metal hook covered with soft rubber and a casing with improved ergonomics.


The hook is adjustable in height as well.


Improved design and construction and materials for durability.

Small hands

Optional rubber inlay for small hands.


The use of the Etude Thumb Rest invites you into a new way of carrying your instrument! Instead of “hanging at the tendons”, the musician will now carry the instrument in an “active” way! The thumb is held higher and is either straight or slightly bent. The thumb can be held at an angle also, allowing for a more relaxed hand position on the instrument. The result is a “natural and individual” posture.


Much of the energy used for supporting the weight then becomes available for handling the instrument. Instead of “hanging at the tendons”, the musician will now carry the instrument in an “active” way!



Dear Ton, your parcel arrived today. Thank you so much for all your help and for sending the red attachment to the thumb rest. I had the Etude 3 fitted by Howarths of London on the ELODY RECORDER and it feels very good I’m able to play again with my performance exam next week, I am very grateful to have found this thumb rest and will now think about getting one for my wooden bass recorder.

Marian Medical Specialist, treatment of Musicians


I have used a Kooiman thumb rest that I got for $30 from Forrests for several years now, and I can recommend it highly. What a relief over the original. I even tried a “Dutch Thumb Rest” that was a complete waste of money because it was hardly any better. With the Kooiman, I can play for hours without my thumb bothering me a bit., For $30 you can’t go wrong. And it even fits into the same screw holes as the original!


I tried a neck strap, I tried a floor peg, I tried just resting my english horn on my crossed legs, but no matter what I did I had pain in my thumb joint, wrist , and sometimes my whole right arm. Then I tried the Kooiman adjustable thumb rest-magic! I am now, finally, able to play with no pain whatsoever. As someone on the list said, a pretty good deal for thirty bucks!


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What are the ergonomic benefits of the Etude Thumb Rest?

The new Etude Thumb Rest has been changed and the lower part of the casing has been made bigger to ensure more support for the thumb. At this spot the surface has been made more course to “explain” where to put the thumb. The Etude3 Thumb Rest has an in height adjustable hook (for players with smaller hands). The Etude3/small has a different rubber in the hook allowing for a smaller thumb diameter.

How to install Etude Thumb Rest?

With the info in the manual, one can fix the mounting slide onto the body themselves, but our advice is to ask a repair person to do this for you, if you feel some hesitation to do this yourself. When buying a new Etude Thumb Rest, often the mounting slide has to be changed as well. Check the depth of the original holes to prevent the wood to be pulled upwards when screwing in the new screws. And please do not tighten too much easy does it. Too loose is not good either. Then the slide wiggles to much and becomes more loose. This is also prevented by using the double sided sticky tape at the back of the mounting slide.

You can use two of the holes to fix the new mounting slide. Some of my fellow repairmen want 4 holes and will drill two extra. But not everyone likes extra holes to be drilled. So you can also use two layers of 2-sided sticky tape (Tesa Carpet tape) at the back of the mounting side to add extra strength when only two screws are used in the original holes. The mounting slide of the Etude Thumb Rest can be fixed onto most brands due to the 6 oblong holes in the mounting slide. Please check if the mounting slide is fixed about 22 mm from the top of the lower joint if you hesitate which row of three to use.

How to adjustment the Etude Thumb Rest?

The adjustment in height of the whole thumb rest has be done by pulling the casing down (not with the hook). When you go down too much, then shift the thumb rest further down and off the mounting slide and slide it at the top down again. (It goes only one way like the tie ribs). Some “clicks” will be heard. When you count these clicks , you will know that the thumb rest will be at the same height next time. The hook can be adjusted in height separately by turning the long screw. The head of the screw is at the bottom.

What about different hand sizes?

I cannot give you the exact measurements for hands and it also depends on which kind of hands too. But when you know of yourself that your hands are pretty small, then the Etude Small will be the best choice. You cannot go wrong because if you buy the regular one with the black rubber around the hook, there is enough possibility of adjustment to adapt to your size of hand/thumb (turning the screw at the bottom to the right will lower the hook). The dark red rubber of the Etude3-small allows for a tighter snug fit in case of a smaller thumb though. Either the black one or the red one (this is the part that turns the thumb rest into either the regular [black] or small [red] version). One of the most important things to remember is that you have to bend your thumb a little downwards (instead of upwards as you are used to do now).

Is the Etude Thumb Rest suitable for people with large hands?

The only other option for musicians with large hands that remains, is to purchase the more expensive Maestro which covers all sizes of hands! The Etude Thumb Rest covers about 70% of the “market” (or hands existing)

How to get use to the Etude Thumb Rest?

Bending the thumb is crucial, but don’t use the thumb too much as a lever. Pulling the inside thumb muscle only a little bit. It is the combined use of several other muscles, than you are used to previously. Together they are stronger than the one “hanging on”in the past. And being shifted to the place between the two joints of course. Nevertheless, these muscles have to be trained a bit sometimes. So immediately playing for a long time will not work OR right before a concert. You need a little playing in time, to train in the new situation. How long is different for all musicians. Sometime within days, and mostly within weeks.

On which instruments can the Etude Thumb Rest be applied?

The Etude Thumb Rest can be used on both Clarinet and Oboe. This is possible because of two rails at the back of the mounting slide and will compensate for the difference in diameter of the two different bodies (Oboe approx. 25/26 mm and Clarinet approx 28/29 mm). The Etude Thumb Rest can also be used on recorder very well. For other instruments such as English horns we advise to use the Maestro Thumb Rest.

Is it possilble to attach a neck strap to the Etude Thumb Rest?

The Etude Thumb Rest has no requirements for using a neck strap yet. Apart from tying a shoe lace around it. The new design (nr3) did not make this possible and the (plastic) construction is not suitable for it. Some people ask a for using this extra possibility to take away a portion of the weight of the instrument. In a future new Design, this option will be made available.


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