Some comments from IDRS members

A FEW IDRS COMMENTS....     International Double Reed Society

I have used a Kooiman thumb rest that I got for $30 from Forrests for several years now, and I can recommend it highly. What a relief over the original. I even tried a "Dutch Thumb Rest"  that was a complete waste of money because it was hardly any better. With the Kooiman, I can play for hours without my thumb bothering me a bit., For $30 you can't go wrong. And it even fits into the same screw holes as the original!


I use the Kooiman thumb rest on my English horn.  It's a total life saver for me.  I have one for my oboe, but haven't gotten around to having it put on yet.
I think the next time I go to see John Symer it should be the first thing he does rather than the last.

I tried a neck strap, I tried a floor peg, I tried just resting my english horn on my crossed legs, but no matter what I did I had pain in my thumb joint, wrist,and sometimes my whole right arm. Then I tried the Kooiman adjustable thumb rest--magic!  I am now, finally, able to play with no pain whatsoever.
As someone on the list said, a pretty good deal for thirty bucks!


No, the middle joint won't fit in the case with the thumbrest on, but it slides off the plate (that screws to the oboe) easily.  I just bought a plastic soap holder to hold the detachable part of the thumbrest so it won't get crushed in the outside pocket of my case cover.  Works great.  I LOVE this thumbrest!  Feels awkward at first but once you get used to it, it's awesome! 

I just installed a Kooiman thumb rest on my oboe and, so far, it looks like a real improvement for me. The thumb rest dissassembles and the oboe middle joint fits Ok in a normal case. You will have to keep the thumb support part with your reed case and other stuff since it does not fit in an average oboe case. 


I have  tried things over the years, but I think this is the best thing I've tried  yet.  Several years ago, I put a Kooiman thumb rest on my English horn.It's really wonderful.  I finally put one on my oboe, and must say that it's the best thing I've tried.