Silicone straps

When silicone straps are lost, please mail me, we can suppy new for you.
We supply double sets with each thumb rest as a reserve....now.

Why this system?

We have tried to attach the thumb rest in the most "friendly" way possible.
It enables a free movement and vibration of the tube.

It prevents scratching the outer surface of the body.


We make the thumb rest in transparant/black.


Helps for the left hand as well

The right hand thumb rest helps for the left hand as well because of the overall balance of the instrument is so much improved
that compensation in the left hand is not necessary.


To prevent the thumb rest to slip on this slippery smooth surface, the silicone parts are to be cleaned with alcohol.
This makes the silicone suck itself tightly to the body and will not slip that easy.

It is a good idea to hold the part on the flute back when removing the removable thumb plateau.

Trill key

The left trill key may hit one of the straps and will not "open" as far as before. Sometimes not a problem but if the tuning is affected, a tiny slice of cork has to be removed from under this trill key plateau. (work for a repair person, or a handy musician in your ensemble. A narrow strip of sanding paper can do the trick as well).


Special advantages of this flute thumb rest design, summary:

-The Prima can be adjusted at an angle under the flute (adjusting screw).

-The Prima is higher thus opening the hand more for easier playing and less cramping in the  hand and no upwards bent thumb.
  And easier reaching for lower keys.

-Silicone bands and inlay (please clean inlay with alcohol first) will prevent scratching.

-Silicone bands and inlay allow the flute to vibrate without restrictions.

-This way of mounting the Prima prevents "clamping the tube" with the risk of a slight oval  tube (and non closing keys).

-The actual part where the thumb is resting in, is shaped with a higher rim at the left preventing the thumb to slip away to the left.

-Being flat and sticking out towards the musician the thumb rest prevents the flute from rolling towards you! Especially during octave change.


-The first mounting of the thumb rest takes a bit longer (several minutes).
as silicone bands have to be attached with care. But after that, one has the advantage of a thumb plate that can be shifted upon the base plate on the flute within seconds each time.......always back in the correct position!

-Thumb plate being removed from base plate, enables flutes to be stored in most cases without
taking of the entire product.