Etude3 hook and rubber measurements

The measurements of the inside of the rubber cover of the new metal hook are exactly the same as those of the "old" Etude.

These measurements where found after long experiments and taken from tables with measurements used for industrial design.
The Etude3 covers an avarage of hands. Approximately  75 to 80 percent.
(See Etude3 for small hands)


Etude3 hook adjustment in height

The hook of the new Etude3 is adjastable in height again...


Etude3 for small (or large hands)

Of course we cannot cover the entire range of small slender or larger hands.
For the really small hands we have a new extra rubber cover that "fills in the gap" so to speak..

(Musicians with large hands may remove the rubber cover and glue some thinner soft material inside the hook. This will do the trick)

Etude3 hook turning

The hook can still be turned as could the previous model.

This is done for flexibility and for the use with smaller hands

Always bend your thumb just a bit !!!
this will make sure that you make good contact with the hook and casing !